"No one has won here today, but we all lost. Look at all the lives that were ended because of Herobrine's hate filled insanity."Ba-Jin to Xa-Tul

Ba-Jin is a female zombie who met Monet113. She learned from Monet's ways and became good; she is now the leader of the Freedom Zombies. Ba-Jin first met Mo-Nay (Monet in her Zombie Form) in the zombie-town who taught her art and beauty. She later joined Monet in the fight against Xa-Tul. She was badly injured, but her sisters helped her back to the HP Fountain. Later, Ba-Jin, along with the Free Zombies, joined Gameknight, Monet, NPCs and Users in The Last Battle For Minecraft, she later told Xa-Tul to go, and made the whole army leave, only the Mob Kings left, later, she went back to her zombie town, thanking everyone.

Appearance and Personality

Ba-Jin is kind, and brave- she stands up for others. She is a baby zombie with a multicolored shirt.