Battle with the Wither King
Battling the wither king
Author Mark Cheverton
Published by Unknown
ISBN Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Regular Series: System Overload
Followed by
Regular Series: The Great Zombie Invasion

Battle with the Wither King is a book in the Gameknight999 franchise, but does not include Gameknight999. Instead, the main character is Watcher and The Significants.


Watcher is a young, scrawny NPC whose job is to warn the villagers of impending danger. However, his daydreams lead to the announcement of imagined false attacks, so the village begins to ignore his warnings. However, one day he sees Karkan, the Wither King, and knows that if the legendary creature attacks, all the villagers will certainly die. He warns the NPCs of the monster, but Carver, the leader of the warriors and Wather's personal bully, ignores the cries. So Watcher searches for evidence and finds a trail of charred leaves to follow to the Wither Temple. There, he learns that Karkan wants the gold within the village, and will bring an army of Withers to attack as soon as the forces finish fending off a zombie attack. So Watcher returns to his home, and when the warriors refuse to accept his proof, he gathers his friends, the Insignificants (called so because they each have some difference that they're cast out for), and together they help prove and thwart Karkan's attack. They then change their name to the Significants (Signifs among themselves) and Carver learns his lesson and treats them as his equal, as not every fight is won with a sword.