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This page contains spoilers from any Gameknight999 book, read at your own risk!

I am the village's butcher, but my friends call me Butch. Welcome to our village.
-Butch to the team, The Phantom Virus.

Butch or Butcher is a character in The Phantom Virus. He was the commander of the troops that saved Gameknight999 and company from the spider attack. He later joined Gameknight's adventure to stop Herobrine's timer. He is equal in rank to Digger, although the two never quarreled.

The Phantom Virus

Butch first met Gameknight in his village. Where he saved his life in the spider attack. He and Gameknight talked to the Crafter of the village, and later joined his team.

Overworld in Flames

Butch was consumed with anger at the deaths of his friends and family due to Herobrine's command blocks. He vows to kill all monsters and is reckless, constantly putting himself and other villagers in danger. His anger is contagious, and soon Crafter's villagers will only listen to him and ignore Gameknight999, with the exceptions of Crafter, Hunter, Stitcher, Herder, and Digger. He leads Crafter's village to the Nether to battle Charybdis. Gameknight999 follows him and he sacrifices himself to save Gameknight when Gameknight is fighting Charybdis. Butch ' s sacrifice allows Gameknight to defeat Charybdis and win the war, reaching the conclusion of Overworld in Flames.