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This page contains spoilers from any Gameknight999 book, read at your own risk!

Charybdis is a Blaze King and is Malacoda's sucessor. He is a giant blaze that has a horse made out of blaze rods. During the Last Battle in Last Stand on the Ocean Shore Charybdis appears along with the other members of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and their armies, however they retreat after Herobrine's defeat. In the Last Battle in Gameknight vs Herobrine, Gameknight and Charybdis fought and Gameknight nearly finished him off with snowballs, however, he ran out of them then Herobrine saved him from Gameknight. In Overworld In Flames, Charybdis and his army of blazes attack the biomes of the Overworld, attempting to turn it into the Nether. Charybdis was killed by Gameknight throwing his diamond seord, but not before Butch was consumed by Charybdis' fireballs. He and the other blazes had drank from the Great Lava Ocean, which was infected with Herobrine's XP, making their fireballs even hotter.


Trivia Edit

  • Charybdis is a dangerous whirlpool in Greek mythology, opposite to the cave of Sicilia.
  • In Battle for the Nether, Malacoda easily orders a bunch of blazes to destroy a group of Withers. However, in Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, a single Wither gives Charybdis and his army an extremely hard time, causing the question of whether he is stronger than Malacoda's blazes to arise.

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