Deeds do not make the hero. How they overcome their fear does.
— Crafter

Crafter is the deurotagonist in the Gameknight999 series, and a villager crafter He is an NPC, or villager, and one of the many saviors of Minecraft; he is the best friend of Gameknight999, and is also known as the "oldest being of Minecraft", though The Oracle is much older than he is. He also has many friendships with many of other villagers, and later on, users. He died on the first book, but collected enough XP to spawn in the next sever. After the Ender Dragon was defeated and destroyed, he and the NPCs found peace. But, when Herobrine arrived, he once again fought alongside Gameknight, and Monet113; later, he was attacked by the Shadow of Evil, but was cured in the end. He is the main counterpart.

Appearance and Personality

He is described as an old NPC with long, flowing gray hair. But after he had moved on to the next server, he was a short child, and had short, golden hair. He wears black clothes with a silver stripe down the center of his shirt


Crafter is constantly making references to his family members. Here is a list of his known relatives



Crafter0005 Crafter old final1 Crafter young final1

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