Creepers are perhaps the most sophisticated mobs in the series. They are green, with black eyes and a mouth, and explode to harm foes, at the cost of their own life.

Habitat Edit

Most creepers live in a Creeper Hive. Rogue Creepers (see below) live in the wild.

Diet Edit

Creepers eat coal. After a vein of coal is fully consumed, an old creeper must explode to find more coal. A young creeper's spots turn black after eating coal.

Society Edit

Creepers are very sophisticated, and have their own jobs and ranks.

Creepling Edit

Creeplings are small, newly hatched creepers.

Tender Edit

It is the job of the Tenders to watch over and protect the creeplings.

Guard/Member Edit

It appears that most of the creepers guard the Hive.

General Edit

Generals are charged and control a small force of creepers.

Monarch Edit

The monarch (king or queen) leads the creepers and selects generals. The current king is Oxus.

Rogue Creepers Edit

Rogue Creepers are those that wish to attack the NPCs and stay apart from the Hive. They assisted Erebus and Malacoda with their goals of destroying The Source. It is Oxus' goal to gather up all the Rogue Creepers and stop them from attacking to prevent a war the creepers won't win.

Notable Creepers Edit

Shadow Crafters Edit

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