The Creeper Hive is a volcano where creepers are born and raised, similar to a zombie-town. It contains all the gunpowder dropped by the creepers who died to create the Hive. Oxus is the creeper king.

Appearances Edit


Overworld In Flames Edit

Gameknight999 and some NPCs went to the Creeper Hive because they had heard that there was a lot of gunpowder there. They needed it to create splash potions, and, though reluctantly, Oxus agrees to give it to them. This is because he had received a message from Gameknight in the past, and this message helped Gameknight save the villagers in The Nether later on.

Attack of the Shadow-Crafters Edit

Construction of the Creeper Hive begins, though Oxus does not know that creepers are being used to create the tunnels.


The Hive includes rooms for creepers to live in, Oxus' chambers, coal mines, and empty coal rooms. The entire Hive was carved from stone by creepers near death, who would explode to help expand the structure. There is a room where the gunpowder dropped by all these creepers is collected. It is one of the creepers' most prized possessions.


Trivia Edit

  • The words "Creeper Hive" should be capitalized, as there is only one Hive, thus making "Creeper Hive" a proper noun.

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