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Destruction of the Overworld
Book 8
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator None
Publication date Nov. 7 2015
Published by Mark Cheverton
Publication Order
Preceded by
Saving Crafter
Followed by
Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Destruction of the Overworld is the second book in the Herobrine Reborn trilogy and the eighth book overall in the Gameknight999 franchise, and the sequel to Saving Crafter. It is written by Mark Cheverton. It was released November 7, 2015.


Gameknight999 and his father, Monkeypants271, travelled all the way to The End and banished the evil virus Herobrine to the only place they knew nothing could survive: the Void. They thought they had finally destroyed the enemy…

But through the Void, Herobrine’s viral lines of code were able to spread all throughout The End, infecting the horrible Ender Dragon. After gaining the teleportation powers of the endermen, the dragon escaped out into the Overworld! Terrorizing Minecraft, the dragon’s evil presence is now transforming the lush and beautiful land into the dark and desolate world of The End. It will be up to Gameknight999, his dad, and their NPC friends to defeat the dragon without releasing Herobrine, while at the same time battling a massive army led by the skeleton-king, Reaper. With everything on the line, Gameknight must use every bit of skill and bravery to save the entire Overworld from destruction.


Play to your strengths, and help in the best way that you can (your song).