Elytra Perils
Elytra perils
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator Cover art from Gameknight999's server
Publication date June,10th 2016
Published by Mark Cheverton
Publication Order
Preceded by
Overworld In Flames
Followed by
System Overload

Elytra Perils is a free short story in the Gameknight999 series. It happens after Overworld In Flames.


Gameknight999 is playing Terraria when he gets a strange call telling him he must go into Minecraft or Crafter's Village and all its inhabitants will be destroyed. Gameknight fires up The Digitizer and enters Minecraft. He finds a redstone cell phone and sees that Crafter's village has a bunch of lava over it. The town is surrounded by barrier blocks. The player who called Gameknight reveals himself to be Entity303 and says if Gameknight doesn't "finish the fuzzy rainbow", the village will be destroyed. Gameknight and Hunter (who was out hunting at the time) figure out that they must play a minigame called Elytra Perils to save the village. He and Hunter barely succeed, but wonder why Entity303 needed them to "complete the rainbow". Couldn't he have done it hemself?

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