The ender dragon is a dragon which guards the End. It is currently destroyed.

Appearances Edit

Confronting the Dragon Edit

Gameknight999 and his NPC army had to face the Ender dragon to get the third key to The Source, the Dragon Egg. With his massive army, he managed to defeat it, but at the cost of many lives.

Saving Crafter Edit

Gameknight and his group had to kill the Ender Dragon yet again, for they were in The End and the only way to escape was to slay the Dragon. Fortunately, they succeeded, but the Ender dragon respawned as Herobrine from the Dragon Egg at the end of the book.

Destruction of the Overworld Edit

The Ender Dragon, as Herobrine, was terrorizing and attacking the villagers. However, Gameknight managed to kill it once and for all and the Ender dragon hasn't reappeared since.

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