Entity 303 is a mysterious and new antagonist and a legend like Herobrine. Very little is known about him, he is male. He only appeared in the short story Elytra Perils. He is the main antagonist for Series 6: The Mystery of Entity303.


Unlike the previous villains, he is a bit childlike, but other than that, he acts like his creation, Herobrine. Except he kills more people.

Elytra Perils

Entity303 placed barrier blocks around Crafter's Village and there was lava above those blocks. He made Gameknight999 and Hunter use elytra to collect colored wool for him. Why he needed them to is not known. Through dialogue, it appears that Entity303 created Herobrine.



  • He will most likely be shot with Forpech's weapon at the end of Mission to the Moon, which would make him realize what he's done, and he will probably join Gameknight, and with the timeline fixed, he will be able to join the NPCs without them knowing what he did.
    • This was proven true, and is what happened.
  • He programmed Herobrine, and spied on Gameknight999.
  • It may have been hinted that he may not think that the creatures inside Minecraft are 'alive'.

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