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Erebus is a major villain of the first three books in the original Gameknight999 series. He is the King of the Endermen, originally created by Herobrine † during The Great Zombie Invasion. A hundred years later, he leads the attack against Crafter's Village but suffered a humiliating defeat. Other monsters then chased Gameknight999 and Crafter to Los Alamos, where users have set a trap for them. Gameknight summons Erebus by taunting him. Crafter blows up the bridge leading to the center island in Los Alamos, trapping the monsters on it, but sacrificing his own life in the process. Then, Endermen disarm the trap, but Gameknight detonates the TNT underneath the island, killing Erebus, all the monsters, and Gameknight himself, but Erebus and Gameknight respawn on the next server. On the next server, Erebus recruited more monsters to attack villages but was stopped by Malacoda, as he had his own plan, and Erebus was forced to help him. They reach the Source using the Lost Prophecy. There, Erebus killed Malacoda by throwing him into the void. During the Last Battle of the Source, Erebus was killed in the Land Of Dreams. While Gameknight999 was taunting him, Hunter threw water over him (Endermen are harmed when they are in contact with water). Gameknight999 held up Erebus' pearl and his army ran away, causing Gameknight's victory at the Last Battle of the Source.


Erebus's Ender Pearl

Erebus pearl

An artist's rendering of Erebus's ender pearl.

It was dropped when Erebus was destroyed. Gameknight showed it to the mobs, and they fled, as they knew their leader was destroyed. It is unknown what happened to it after.


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