This page is a timeline for all the events that happen in the Gameknight999 Books.


Long Ago in Minecraft Time (in the Far Lands)

  • The Great War starts.
  • Kobael was born around this time.
  • The wizards and warlocks create the magic artifacts.
  • The wizards create the Wizard City.
  • The warlocks create the vindicators and evokers as "living weapons."
  • The wizards create withers to help them fight against the vindicators and evokers.
  • The withers rebel against the wizards.
  • Mirthrandos shows mercy to Kobael, a young wither.
  • Tharus, the leader of the wizards, gives Mirthrandos the punishment of eternal life for showing mercy to Kobael.
  • The warlocks create the Broken Eight.
  • The Broken Eight were imprisoned.
  • The wizards killed the warlocks and trapped all the withers other than Kaza and Krael in the Cave of Slumber, winning the Great War.


  • The Oracle adds wolves to Minecraft.




  • Xa-Tul is created by Herobrine.
  • The Council of Crafters rules that villagers cannot be seen using their hands, nor talking, in front of a user. The punishment for doing so is being kicked out of one's village.
  • Monet113 enters Minecraft.
  • Gameknight999 follows Monet into Minecraft.
  • The Woodcutter Twins are killed trying to save Monet from Zombie-Town.
  • Herobrine reveals himself to Gameknight999, and nearly kills Gameknight in the process.
  • The NPC army begins traveling to find the Oracle.
  • Tiller is killed in combat.
  • The NPCs find the Oracle and fight a battle at the Jungle Temple. Shaikulud is killed by Monet during the battle.
  • The villager army escapes to the ocean aboard boats left by Shawny.
  • The Oracle's physical body is killed by Herobrine.
  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are created.
  • The villagers find the Book of Wisdom by killing The Elder Guardian.
  • Herobrine is turned into a pig and is imprisoned, due to Stonecutter's sacrifice.
  • Gameknight and Monet are brought home by their dad.
  • The Shadow of Evil attacks Crafter.
  • Hunter gets Gameknight and Monkeypants to enter Minecraft.
  • Morgana brews a potion for Crafter and joins Gameknight's party.
  • Herobrine is collected from his prison and put on a leash by Herder.
  • The group is attacked by The Swarm.
  • The group enters The End and defeats the Ender Dragon.
  • Herobrine is dropped into the void.
  • Herobrine is reborn as the Ender Dragon.
  • Construction of Castle Gameknight begins.
  • Herobrine teleports himself to the Overworld.
  • Xa-Tul's army of zombies is destroyed in the False Attack.
  • Herobrine commands Feyd to seek out Shaivalak.
  • Herobrine is defeated and his XP is collected in an Ender chest.


  • Herobrine begins creating whining sounds to annoy the villagers.
  • Gameknight, Monkeypants, Crafter, Hunter, Herder, Stitcher, and Baker begin traveling to The Nether to rid themselves of Herobrine's XP.
  • Herder is possessed by Herobrine.
  • Monkeypants returns to the Physical World and brings Gameknight back as well, trapping Herobrine in a computer and destroying it.
  • Gameknight returns to Minecraft as a regular user and fights in the Last Battle.
  • Gameknight returns to Minecraft.
  • Herobrine's command blocks begin activating.
  • Butch's village is severely damaged by Herobrine's command blocks.
  • Shaivalak and Reaper are killed during the Command Block Battle.
  • Charybdis begins attacking the Overworld with his enhanced blazes.
  • Butch, Snowbrin, and Charybdis are killed during battle in the Nether, among others.
  • Xa-Tul begins amassing a giant zombie army to try and overload the server.
  • The Endermen team up with Gameknight to save the server from destruction.
  • Feyd sacrifices himself to destroy Xa-Tul in The Last Battle for the Server.
  • Gameknight returns to the Physical World.
  • The Digitizer is upgraded.
  • Gameknight travels back in time.
  • Gameknight returns to the present.


  • Entity303 sends a message to Gameknight, causing him to enter Minecraft yet again to save his friends.
  • Gameknight and Hunter save the village, but are unsure of who Entity303 is or what he wants.

2018 (in the Far Lands)

  • Kaza, the Wither King, has Tu-Kar the Zombie Warlord and his zombies kill villagers (other than the warriors) and steal their village's gold.
  • Planter obtains Needle.
  • Er-Lan joins Watcher and his friends.
  • Watcher and his friends kill the Zombie General.
  • Watcher and his friends kill Tu-Kar.
  • Watcher and his friends kill Kaza and free the enslaved villagers.
  • Planter gives Watcher needle.
  • Krael makes himself the Wither King and gets the first Crown of Skulls.
  • Krael gives Rusak the Skeleton Warlord the Fossil Bow of Destruction and has Rusak and his skeletons attack the villagers and hunt for the magical artifacts.
  • Er-Lan is given armor.
  • Watcher and his friends obtain the fire and water arrows.
  • Ratlan the Skeleton Captain is killed by Watcher and his friends.