This FAQ will help you find a reason to why you are blocked.

General QuestionsEdit

Someone blocked me and did not have a reason and I did not do anything. Why is this so?

  • This admin did not follow the Adminship Code, which was given to them if they want to be a admin or not, and one of the rules said not to randomly block people unless there is a reason.

If this happens: Report to a admin immediately, state your reason and let him see your block log, if it is true, you will be unblocked and the admin will be demoted, if not, your block extends longer.

Why did I get blocked for just a minor change?

  • Well, you could have put unimportant and rude information to the page many times already (See The Wiki Rules.)

I am admin and now I am blocked and demoted, what happened?

  • You did not follow the Adminship code.

I need to get my rights back! What happened?

  • You could have been spamming or doing other bad deeds on this wiki. Which is strictly not allowed. If you did not and lost it for no reason, check your user rights management.

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