This is a FAQ startup guide for new users in the Gameknight999 Wiki, following the rules and regulations of the wiki. The following is not to be edited unless permission is given from the founder of this wiki. All questions are answered by TheFallenNinja and other admins.

  • What is this wiki about?

This wiki is about the book series, Gameknight999. We are a community of users that want to share our knowledge and make it into one big wiki.

  • What are the requirements to join this wiki?

None. Just have fun and share your knowledge.

  • Tell me all the ranks of this wiki and how to achieve them. (EG: Admin)

Well, I'll start- Normal Editors- You don't need any permissions for this, you just need to edit and have fun! You can contribute and share your knowledge, and everyone has their own rights to make their pages. Gameknight999 Wiki will let anyone make their own pages as well as long as they do not offend/violate the rules.

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