Feyd is the successor of Erebus and became the new king of the Endermen. He was then modified by Herobrine to attack anyone without being provoked.

Last Stand on the Ocean ShoreEdit

Feyd was created by Herobrine along with the fellow kings. He then fought in The Last Battle For Minecraft. Later, he retreated with the other kings back to the portal.

Saving CrafterEdit

Feyd, with Xa-Tul went to hunt Gameknight999, first he went to the Zombie-Town, teamed up with Xa-Tul, the Zombie King, to find Gameknight, then, they followed Xa-Tul to the Minecart tracks, they then failed to find Gameknight, then the two kings faced Gameknight, but failed again. Feyd went to the End, where the The Second Ender Dragon was, but the dragon was destroyed. Later, in the epilogue, he bowed to the newly hatched dragon, as it was Herobrine.

Destruction Of The OverworldEdit

Feyd is a general alongside Xa-Tul. After being criticized by Herobrine for the Endermen troops' inactivity in battle, Feyd, along with his troops, is modified so they can attack without being provoked.

System OverloadEdit

When Feyd learns of Xa-Tul's plan to crash the server, he becomes severely angry, as the crashing of the server would kill everything on it; the NPCs, the animals and especially, himself. When Gameknight battled Xa-Tul in The Last Battle for the Server, Feyd and the Endermen battled alongside him. Feyd dragged Xa-Tul over to one of the portals and pushed half of him through it, along with himself. Gameknight destroyed the portal, killing both Feyd and Xa-Tul.

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