There are many Ranks in Gameknight999 Wiki, some are templates that resemble the badge, and some are ranks that can be obtained by User Rights.

User Right Ranks

These can be obtained by user Ranks, contact an admin after you have finished the Objectives.



  • Make at least 120 edits.
  • Never get banned in chat more than 5 times.
  • Has been loyal, requested pages to other Admins.
  • Make pages well.
  • Clear at least two stubs.



  • Make at least 100 edits.
  • Never get banned in chat over 5 times.



  • Edit pages
  • Make pages



  • Make at least 80 edits.
  • Be active on forums.

Chat mods

  • Say an encouraging statement in chat.

Fan Ranks

Fan Ranks are ranks that are not badges, but shown as templates. If anyone that is not the user who obtains the rank but the template and does not complete the objectives, they will be blocked for a day and doubling each time.

Loyal Member

  • Has made 100 edits.
  • Has not said rude words too many times.
  • Has not vandalized the wiki.

Ultimate Admin

  • Has made at least 290 edits.
  • Has helped in most pages.
  • Must already be a admin.