Hello,welcome to The Ultimate World,it's a thing where you can create a universe with the WHOLE community,here is how it works.

  • Suggestions,go under the "Suggestions" section,however,by suggestions,we don't mean "add this,add that",we mean,what happens next. However it must be given a reason,especially if it is climatic. It can be anything,as long as it does not break rules or ToU
  • An admin will pick the best things,they won't pick things that interfere with continuity,or revive dead characters for no reason
  • You can but pictures,as long as they are appropriate,if they have to do with the chosen thing
  • It does not have to be Gameknight999,heck,it does not even have to be Minecraft


How does the universe get created?

What can be put

  • something creates the universe with the clashing of atoms

What can't be put

  • Mario is eating breakfast,suddenly he pukes out the universe

Other pages


  • Something related to atom science that won't be explained :p --Excuse me for breaking that wall 20:32, November 1, 2015 (UTC)
  • Millions of years went by, and creatures began to form, and evolve, and many were very different than any here. --Not sure if this is fandom, or stuff like I put... Swordmaster

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