Chat/Forum Rules

1. Don't try to randomly provoke someone, by:

  • Spamming
  • Using rude/offensive words
  • Making fun of them
  • Annoying them
  • Insulting admins after a ban
  • Or any other form of harrassment or attacking
  • No obscene or pornographic content
  • No gibberish

2. Respect ALL users, not just staff members. Don't do bad things such as:

  • Editing another's User Page and feeding bad information (ex: "I suck!").

Editing Rules

  • Do not add templates that do not contribute to the status or content of a page (ex: Delete, Stub, etc)
  • Do not vandalize pages or Admins will ban you.
  • If you are creating a page, do not spam it.
  • No obscene or pornographic content.
  • No gibberish.


Sockpuppeting is where someone in blocked/banned from chat, they make another account and use the chat to spam/vadalise/insult/etc. You will get banned permanently.

If you break any of these rules, an Admin will block you.

Warnings, bans and blocks

Chat spamming

1st time: Warning

2nd time: Banned from chat for 1 day

3rd time: Banned from chat for 3 days

4th time: Banned from chat for a month

5th time: Permanent chat ban


1st time: Warning

2nd time:Block for a week

3rd time: Block for a month

4th time: Permanent Block


1st time: Permanent block

Reporting Problems

To report an issue or user, ask one of the following staff members:
TheFallenNinja TheFallenNinja

Swordmaster767 Swordmaster767

Darth Disco Darth Disco

Sparky 321 Sparky 321

LittleWhole LittleWhole