A Ghast is a bone-white, large square creature with 9 tentacles. They shoot explosive fireballs from their mouths when enraged.

Habitat Edit

Ghasts live in the skies of the Nether.

Diet Edit

The ghasts' diet is unknown. They may drink lava.

History Edit

The Great Zombie Invasion Edit

Main article: Great Zombie Invasion (event)
The ghasts used to roam the skies of the Overworld. After the Great Zombie Invasion, they were banished to the Nether.

The Great Shame of the Ghasts Edit

There was a book in the Stronghold that mentioned this event. It is what gave ghasts their tear-scars.

Notable Ghasts Edit

Monsters ZombieSkeletonSpiderCreeperWitchEndermanGuardianBlazeGhastWitherEnder Dragon
Other UserNPCWolf

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