The Golem King is a iron golem which is the king of the Iron Golems and also the guardian of the Iron Rose. He is a big Iron Golem that can crush anything. He is on the side of the villagers, which, as of right now, means he is on Gameknight999's side.

Confronting The Dragon

The Golem King was trapped in a pool of water by Gameknight, and hated him (Gameknight had stolen the Iron Rose). It was Herder's idea to dig him out, along with the other golems, and because of this, The Golem King showed up for The Last Battle For Minecraft, and the Iron Golem Horde joined the others in defending the Source.

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

Gameknight summoned an iron golem and sent him to find the Golem King and bring him to the Last Battle on the Ocean Shore. The Iron Golem Horde arrived, and with the help of them, the users, and the Free Zombies, the NPCs won the battle. The Golem King is currently guarding the Iron Rose.