Not to be confused with the book, The Great Zombie Invasion.

The Great Zombie Invasion was an event around a century in Minecraft's past. In it, Gameknight999 (posing as Smithy of the Two Swords) and his army of NPCs battled the attacking monsters.

Monsters Involved Edit

  • Zombies - punishment was to burn in sunlight and require HP fountains
  • Skeletons - punishment was burning in sunlight and require HP fountians
  • All Nether mobs (briefly mentioned, not confirmed) - punishment was banishment to the Nether- Ghasts have been confirmed.
  • Ghasts - punishment was to have permanent marks under their eyes that look like tear tracks.
  • Endermen- punishment was banishment to The End, and can be harmed by water

Events Edit

See Event Timeline

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