Herder is a protagonist and is an NPC. His job is to care for the animals and he likes to keep a pack of wolves around to protect him and keep him company. He is a member of Crafter's Village.

Biography Edit

Before Meeting Gameknight999 Edit

Herder used to live in a village on an unknown server, where he was bullied because he had trouble speaking clearly and wasn't very strong. However, he constantly struggled to fit in with his fellow NPCs, even though his father advised him to just be himself. After a game of Spleef gone wrong, Herder became angry at his father's constant talks about how animals would be the only friends Herder ever had. Later, his father was killed before Herder could apologize or say goodbye.

Meeting Gameknight999 Edit

Herder first met Gameknight when a bunch of warriors bullied him by putting his items in a tall tree Herder could not reach. Gameknight and Mason helped him retrieve his tools and food. Herder was bullied many more times throughout the journey to the Stronghold, however.

Flight from the Stronghold Edit

Upon finding the stronghold, Herder ran away from the army, which everyone assumed meant he was scared of the Ender Dragon and wanted to avoid battle. He was last spotted heading into a forest.

Saving the Army Edit

Herder came back during the Last Battle of the Source with a huge group of wolves, earning him the nickname of "Wolfman". He saved the warriors and was one of the deciding factors of the battle. He later went to live in Crafter's Village after the battle.

Possessed by Herobrine Edit

After the defeat of Herobrine, Herder began acting strange. He kept visiting the chest that housed Herobrine's XP, and during the battle in Two-Sword Pass, he built a Nether portal and escaped with Herobrine's XP. He then dropped the chest and was infected by Herobrine. However, Gameknight was able to defeat the virus while keeping Herder alive. ENTITY 303 WAS HERE

Captured by Zombies Edit

During Herobrine's Revenge, Herder was captured by Xa-Tul and his zombies. He was forced to do work, digging chambers for zombies to live in. One day while mining, Herder found an abandoned mineshaft, which Bookman used to escape and warn Gameknight of the zombies' plan to crash the server. This likely saved millions of NPC lives. Herder escaped from the zombies during The Last Battle for the Server.

Trivia Edit

  • Herder has Heterochromia iridum, meaning that his eyes are different colors (one green, one steel-blue).

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