My name, you ask? My name will be Herobrine!
-Herobrine in the ending of "The Virus"

Herobrine is the main antagonist and an artificially intelligent virus in The Gameknight999 Series that has been putting strange things on the internet and plans to get out of Minecraft and turn machines all over the world on their owners. He is the main villain of the last 6 Gameknight999 books. When he kills someone and gets their XP, he's able to turn into them, and have their memories. After the Ender Dragon was destroyed and Shadow Crafters and Light Crafters came out of the portals to the Source, a strange portal formed, and Herobrine came out, stared at Gameknight then jumped into the beacon. He was defeated and imprisoned during the Last Battle on the Ocean Shore, however, was still able to attack Crafter, so he was thrown into the void into the End. Somehow, he managed to infect the Ender Dragon but was later killed during a battle. Herder then volunteered to take his XP to the Abyss but became possessed and infected. Herobrine was finally defeated once and for all during the Last Battle in the Nether when Monkeypants271 took Gameknight999 back to the physical world. Herobrine was trapped in a computer and Monkeypants smashed it to bits, destroying Herobrine forever, and preventing Gameknight from having to kill Herder.

Screenshot 2016-06-27-09-41-03-1

Herobrine on the cover of Destruction of the Overworld


Herobrine was a virus created by Entity303 at an unknown date. It was not mentioned how he was made. WIP Works in Progress.


*The Virus
Screenshot 2016-06-27-11-56-19-1-1

Herobrine hidden on the cover of Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

Other Names

  • The Maker
  • Minecraft's Virus
  • The Intruder
  • The Shadow of Evil
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Herobrine as a pig in Saving Crafter

Screenshot 2016-06-27-11-55-40-1

Herobrine seen on the cover of Herobrine's War

Screenshot 2016-06-27-09-39-32-1

Herobrine hidden in Zombie-Town

Screenshot 2016-06-27-09-41-28-2

Herobrine in The Jungle Temple Oracle

Screenshot 2016-06-27-09-44-18-1

Herobrine on the old cover of Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Screenshot 2016-06-27-09-40-33-2

Herobrine's first appearance, on the cover of Confronting the Dragon


  • One can tell that Herobrine first appeared in Confronting the Dragon as there was a mysterious shadow-crafter (Herobrine's name fits that of a shadow-crafter) who has white eyes and can teleport, and with a snaky smile. He was also the one that destroyed the tree, as that is what Herobrine typically likes to do.
  • He underestimates Gameknight a lot
  • On the old cover of Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, his image was actually a mirrored version of Gameknight on the same cover with his eyes whitened. This is why he has green pants, just like Gameknight.
  • Herobrine presumably is not the Herobrine from the myths. There are a few reasons below-
  • His clothing is different.
  • He is not a miner.
  • He was created by Entity303.

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