By TheFallenNinja

If you ever been wondering how this wiki came along, here is your answer.


Creation (November 14 2014-January 1 2015)

I created this wiki on November 14, 2014, I did not know about headers or templates since I was only a newbie back then, heck I did not even know how to make Infoboxes! So I started, making the pages, after a while I discontinued the wiki. Working on a new wiki called Metal Sonic Wiki.

Building Era (Jan 2015-July 2015)

A few months later I took a look at my wiki, then saw a new Gameknight999 book, I thought Hey, it is a good book, I should put in on my wiki. And then I left Metal Sonic wiki, the founder was INACTIVE, and I was the one only editing. So I continued it. My article were kinda bad. But I grew as I learned about Infoboxes, Templates, and other stuff like headers. And then a guy named Badpiggies162 came along, but then he went inactive.

Ultimate Era (2015 Summer-September 2015)

Once it was in the middle of 2015, a guy named Angrydroideka10 came, he did so much, I made him admin, my wiki gained friends such as MingoPlaysGames. We made some awesome pages, Angrydroideka10 was very smart, his knowledge of Gameknight999 was great. MingoPlaysGames was very creative, he made many pictures. I made Mingo Admin shortly after.

A new Era(September 2015-November2015)

Droideka started working on CMCI wiki and became inactive, but still was fine, he edited a lot, then Mingo sent lots of entries. After, I started working with Droideka on CMCI wiki. I hoped Droideka becomes active again, anyway the CMCI wiki is awesome!

Droidforce saga (November 2015-March 2016

Sometime after the new Era, Angrydroideka10 changed his nickname to AngrydroidForce99, he started editing again, we started gaining more friends, many Wikia contributes, Firestar, and more people. Then DroidForce quit the wikia as he had some issues.

New Gen Order Era(Current)

New Admins were put and replacing the old ones, I met Darth Disco, similar to DroidForce, I was happy as he made me remember about DroidForce. DroidForce returned to make a project about fanon and I also met a active guy called SwordMaster. At first, he edited only 2-4 pages but then he turned active with Darth. So I gave them the Contract of Adminship and both agree, Bishopton, on of the very inactive admins suddenly came back and helped, thus, the New Generation Order was made.