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"Sometimes, the lesson is the journey and not the destination."
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Hunter is a protagonist in the Gameknight999 series, her younger sister is Stitcher.

She tends to get angry since her parents died. She also seeks revenge and enjoys killing monsters.

Pre-Gameknight999 Series

Hunter was out hunting (even though the village didn't need any food) when her village was attacked. Stitcher, her sister, was taken prisoner by Malacoda, but everyone else was killed.

Appearance and Personality

Hunter is a woman with long red hair. After her parents were killed, she swore revenge against the monsters and enjoyed killing them. However, she later realized that they were alive and deserved to live just as much as she and Stitcher did, and tried to avoid a battle when possible She also likes Gameknight's plans that are insanely dangerous and may not work (similar to Gimli from The Lord of the Rings). She fears neither pain or death, but rather oblivion, as demonstrated by Erebus † while locking her in a cage in Confronting The Dragon (similar to Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings).


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Attack on the Village

Hunter went out hunting to find some alone time, as the village didn't need any food. While she did so, her village was attacked by the monsters. Her parents and neighbors were killed and her sister was taken prisoner. Hunter swore she'd get revenge on the monsters.

Meeting Gameknight999

Hunter first met Gameknight999 when a creeper sneaked up on him and threatened to explode. Hunter yelled at Gameknight from atop a house, while killing the creeper. She agreed to join him and Crafter in their quest to save the server.

Capture by Malacoda

In the Battle for the Nether, Hunter was taken prisoner by Malacoda and through the diamond-block portal to the server that housed The Source.


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