Gameknight999 Trilogy First Battle of Crafter's VillageSecond Battle of Crafter's VillageInvasion of the MonstersSkirmish at the Remnants of Hunter's VillageAttack on the PrisonersCapture of CrafterBattle of the Nether (Attack)Attack on Gameknight's CampSecond Battle of the NetherLast Battle of the Source
The Mystery of Herobrine Third Battle of Crafter's VillageAttack on Gameknight's ArmyBattle on the Ocean ShoreBattle of the Desert VillageLast Battle on the Ocean Shore
Herobrine Reborn First Attack on CrafterThe Second Time Battling The DragonAttack on the Other VillageFalse AttackAttack on the OverworldLast Battle in the Nether
Herobrine's Revenge Spider AttackCommand Block BattleThe Blaze AttackThe Last Battle for the Server
The Birth of Herobrine Battle of Two-Sword PassBattle of Midnight Bridge
The Mystery of Entity303

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