Iron Rose

The Iron Rose is the first key to The Source. It leas its holder to a stronghold into the end, which holds the second key, the Dragon Egg. It is found through the portal on top of the Bridge to Nowhere, and it is heavily guarded by the Iron Golems. It could only be obtained by mining the Iron block it is planted on.


Confronting The Dragon

The Iron Rose was stolen by Gameknight indirectly, which he used as a distraction but it failed. The Iron Golem King demanded it back, and Gameknight escaped with it using a Water Trap, but Herder wanted them to be free, so Gameknight released them and then ran off. It was later used as a key and after the Battle of the Source, was given back to the Iron Golem King.


  • The Iron Rose was somehow created in the beginning of Minecraft.
  • The Iron Rose seems to reference the fact that iron golems carry roses, thus being a rose made out of iron.