Mason is a large, husky NPC who joined Gameknight's army. In Confronting the Dragon, he quoting Sun Tzu from The Art of War, which puzzled Gameknight. In the end, he revealed that he is the Creator, Notch. None of the other villagers know that he is Notch, however, as they tend to "freak out",and bow down if they do. He complimented Gameknight repeatedly about being a great leader, even though Gameknight thought that Mason was the real leader.

Appearance and Personality

Mason is a very disciplined general, and very forceful. He is also protective, and can be persuasive at some times. He can also confuse those like Gameknight, such as repeating familiar quotes that Gameknight knows from real life at his school. Mason is a skilled and natural leader, and an important character, as he helps Gameknight realize that he, too, can lead others. He also helps Gameknight escape Minecraft at the Source.


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