The Minecart Network is a system of tunnels under the surface of the Overworld, used by the villagers to transport people, messages, and items.

History Edit

The first minecart networks cropped up during the Great Zombie Invasion. Gameknight999 began instructing the villagers on how to create them, and how they would benefit the NPCs. For example, Herobrine would never notice that the villagers were gathering an army, or how they could get around. It was an intricate weapon that aided the NPCs in the war. Finally, the minecart networks were made invisible to users, and any part that did become visible would be cut off from the network and become an abandoned mineshaft. The villagers would put chests full of treasure in these mineshafts to keep users occupied and away from the tunnels. Because of this, in Saving Crafter, Digger was able to locate the network by finding an abandoned mineshaft.

Appearances Edit

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