Monet113, or Jenny Feynman, is Gameknight999's little sister. Since Gameknight is known as the User-that-is-not-a-user, Monet is known as the Sister-of-the-user-that-is-not-a-user. In the books, she is described to have bright blue hair and iron armor she has painted with flower dyes. Her best friend is Stitcher, who is a NPC and Hunter's little sister. They do archery together often. Monet is also very close to Ba-Jin, a zombie child she met in Trouble In Zombie-Town and former leader of a group known as the Freedom Zombies. While loved by all NPCs, Monet was very close to Tiller, an elderly NPC woman before Tiller died battling monsters with the rest of Crafter's village. Her favorite weapon is a bow, specificaly an enchanted bow given to her by Gamenight.

She is a companion to Gameknight in Trouble in Zombie-Town, The Jungle Temple Oracle, and Last Stand on the Ocean Shore. She is a minor character in Saving Crafter and The Destruction of the Overworld, having been replaced by Monkeypants, Gameknight's father.


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