Monsters in the Mist
Author Mark Cheverton
Publication date May 9th, 2017
ISBN Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Terrors of the Forest
Followed by
Mission to the Moon


Gameknight999 is hot on the trail of his enemy, Entity303. Only that evil villain knows the secret location of the magical diamond portal that will allow Weaver to be sent back into the past and repair the timeline. Without that portal, the future of Minecraft is at risk and may be shattered.

But Entity303 has disappeared into the many worlds of Mystcraft, searching for something to help him continue his plans of destruction. Gameknight999 and his companions have no choice; they must follow their enemy through worlds green skies, blue-leafed trees, floating islands, blood-red moons and much worse. They must weave their way through the ages, some of them decaying right out from under their feet as they pursue Entity303, trying to catch him before the evil user carries out the next part of his plan.

But as they jump from dimension to dimension, Gameknight will be confronted with a challenge that will make him question everything he knows about Minecraft. And the decision that he’ll be required to make to continue his pursuit of Entity303 will condemn millions to lives of misery. Will the User-that-is-not-a-user have the strength to do what’s right . . . does he even know what’s right . . . we’ll see.[sic]


After rescuing Weaver in the chamber below the White Castle, Gameknight999 and his friends(including Weaver), chase after Entity303 to the next Age. Upon arrival, they find that the age is severely decaying. A kobold rushes up to them and pleads Empech to help, stating that it is the law of the ages before running of to his family. Then, they spot an an abandoned library and quickly jump to the next Age.Unbeknownst to them, there is a fire demon named Kahn who is hot on their tail, thirsting for their magic. The demon follows them to the new Age.

Entity303 is running to the abandoned library in the next Age. He attacks a few hobgoblins and tells them his "army" is following him. He then uses the books and the lectern in the abandoned library to escape to the next Age.

Gameknight999 and the others arrive in the Age which Entity303 just left. They are soon cornered by e hobgoblins and jump on to the bone trees to escape, narrowly making it to the abandoned library. Inside, while they are operating the lectern, they hear hobgoblins' screams and fireballs, Gameknight999 and the others go to the next Age. Kahn, attacking a few h9bgoblins, flies to the library and goes to the next Age