NPC stands for Non-Playable Character. In Minecraft, it refers to the villagers.

History Edit

2010-2011 Edit

Villagers were first made self-aware and sentient during The Awakening. They fought in the Great Zombie Invasion, and defeated Herobrine and his monsters.

2012 Edit

The NPCs met Gameknight999 the prophesied User-that-is-not-a-user. Crafter went with Gameknight and Shawny to defeat the monster invasion in the Invasion of the Monsters.

2013+ Edit

The NPCs helped Gameknight fight the monsters all across the surface of Minecraft by forming the Villager Army, most of these battles taking place on Crafter's Server.

Homes Edit

Villagers life in houses inside of villages.

Diet Edit

NPCs eat meat and plants.

Society Edit

Villagers are named after their jobs. Each villager is an important part of the community. They are lead by a Crafter.

The Lost Edit

Main article: The Lost When a villager leaves their village or their Crafter dies, they become Lost. Lost villagers must enter the wild, alone, and try to find a new village or Crafter. Becoming Lost is like a death sentence; solo NPCs don't last long.

Naming System Edit

NPCs are named after their job or career. This can be confusing when a group of villagers with the same job are together.

Careers Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Monsters ZombieSkeletonSpiderCreeperWitchEndermanGuardianBlazeGhastWitherEnder Dragon
Other UserNPCWolf

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