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Oxus is the creeper king. He has increased explosion abilities and is a charged creeper; however, he has both red and blue lightning around him. As he said in Overworld in Flames, he could blow up Gameknight999 and his friends without destroying the creepers' gunpowder, hinting that he can control what his explosion destroys. He was created by Herobrine, and does not care for the other monsters, the war, or his Maker. He wants to avoid fighting and stop the rogue creepers from creating problems. He is willing to fight if needed, but he prefers to avoid it, proving that he is the wisest of the monster kings. He was given a message by Gameknight999 in Attack of the Shadow-Crafters, telling him that the sword is not always the answer. He then passed this message on to the Gameknight of the future. All of his generals are charged creepers. He lives in the Creeper Hive.



  • Oxus's true intentions are unclear. He seems to want to destroy the NPCs, but does not participate in the war. He also did not kill Gameknight999 in Overworld In Flames, though he had the chance to.
    • This shows he may not be loyal to Herobrine, and this is proven in Attack of the Shadow-Crafters.
  • Despite being created by Herobrine, he is still afraid of cats.
  • Oxus is the longest living monster king or queen, being created in Attack of the Shadow-Crafters, and still surviving. He has even lived longer than Herobrine himself had.

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