The Physical World is one of the settings in the Gameknight999 series. It is where regular humans live.

People who Live in the Physical World Edit

Events Involving Physical World Edit

Invasion of the Overworld Edit

Gameknight999 plays Minecraft in the Physical world. He is also transported by his dad's digitizer into Minecraft.

Confronting the Dragon Edit

Gameknight999 returns home and Herobrine speaks to his empty basement.

Trouble in Zombie-Town Edit

Monet113 transports herself into Minecraft and Gameknight follows her.

Battle on the Ocean Shore Edit

Gameknight's dad transports him and Monet back into the Physical world.

Saving Crafter Edit

Gameknight and Monkeypants travel into Minecraft after Hunter tells them to.

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine Edit

Gameknight and his father return to the physical world. Herobrine is trapped in a computer and destroyed.

The Phantom Virus Edit

Gameknight goes back into Minecraft.

System Overload Edit

Gameknight returns to the Physical World.

The Great Zombie Invasion Edit

Gameknight reenters Minecraft and travels back in time.

Attempts to Get into the Physical World Edit

Herobrine and the monster's greatest desire is to escape into the Physical world and take over. In the first series, Erebus leads his army to the Source to attempt to take over. In the following series', Herobrine tries to use Gameknight to get to the physical world. So far, no monster's attempt had succeeded.

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