Reaper was the King of the Skeletons and one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. He is one of Herobrine's creations. After his creation, Reaper began to gather his forces for the LastBattle. After the loss, Reaper disappeared until Destruction of the Overworld, where he was recruited again by Herobrine. Herobrine lost again and Reaper worked with Xa-Tul and Feyd to retrieve Herobrine's XP in the Last Battle in the Nether. He then joined Shaivalak in guarding Herobrine's Cavern. Reaper has a Skeleton Horse that was created by Herobrine. He was killed by Gameknight999 in The Phantom Virus when he fell off a bridge.


Reaper is smarter than Xa-Tul, and is reluctant to let his troops join the battle in Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, as they were defeated in the previous battle. However, he eventually joins Feyd.
In The Phantom Virus, Reaper helps Shaivalak guard Herobrine's Cavern and he rules from a point of fear, as Shaivalak notes. He is later killed by Gameknight999 in the battle in Herobrine's Cavern.



  • Reaper is likely named after the Grim Reaper

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