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This page contains spoilers from any Gameknight999 book, read at your own risk!

Saving Crafter
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator None
Publication date Sep. 1, 2015
ISBN 978-1510700147
Publication Order
Preceded by
Last Stand on the Ocean Shore
Followed by
Destruction Of The Overworld

Saving Crafter is the first book in the Herobrine Reborn trilogy and the seventh book overall in the Gameknight999 franchise. It was written by Mark Cheverton. It was released on September 1, 2015.


Herobrine, the artificially intelligent virus intent on escaping Minecraft and infecting the Internet with his evil, was captured after an epic showdown on the shores of Minecraft. Gameknight999, having trapped the virus in an unlikely prison, saved the lives of his friends in the game and was finally able to return to the physical world.

Everyone thought the Last Battle was over and Minecraft was safe . . . but they were wrong. The powerful evil held within Herobrine’s prison is leaking out into the fabric of Minecraft and attacking the most sensitive NPC on the server, Crafter. With his best friend’s life in jeopardy, Gameknight999 and his father, a Minecraft noob, have no choice but to return to the game again. As they journey to The End to destroy Herobrine, Gameknight and his friends will face two of Herobrine’s most hated creations: the zombie-king, Xa-Tul, and the king of the endermen, Feyd. With Crafter’s life hanging by a thread, Gameknight999 must find a way to thwart Herobrine’s plans before the virus’s poison kills his best friend.


No matter how hard it is, you must face your responsibilities. Also, if you love someone, sometimes you have to let them go.