Shadow Crafters are the opposites of Light Crafters and they work on all things in Minecraft that belong in the dark. Each Shadow Crafter works on its own mob, block, or entity, with their names being deprived from their line of work ending with "brine" such as Lavabrine, Creeperbrine, and the most well known Herobrine. "Brine" apparently means "dark" as "brin" means "light". They helped Malacoda and Erebus in Confronting the Dragon. But when Gameknight999 fixed all the server planes, a strange portal was formed and Shadow Crafters came running out, with Light Crafters following. They all wear crafter smocks and their faces resemble the mob they work on (if they work on a mob).

Notable Shadow-Crafters

  • Herobrine (leader)
  • Zombiebrine (second-in-command)
  • Creeperbrine
  • Skeletonbrine
  • Spiderbrine
  • Ghastbrine
  • Blazebrine
  • Batbrine
  • Lavabrine
  • Ironbrine