The Shadow of Evil is an evil entity that was leaked out of Herobrine while he was in pig form, as the pig body could not contain all of his evil. In Saving Crafter, it attacks Crafter multiple times, weakening him. This results in Gameknight999 returning to Minecraft to help. The Shadow of Evil is destroyed when Herobrine is pushed into the Void. Other than killing Herobrine, there appears to be no way to destroy the Shadow of Evil.

Appearance Edit

It looks like a black, fast-moving streak across the ground, targeting NPCs, most notably, Crafter.

Effects Edit

The Shadow of Evil weakens its victims to the point where not even potions can help, and seems to inflict the wither effect as well.


  • The Shadow of Evil resembles the Cluster from Steven Universe in the way that it spreads and will eventually consume the whole world

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