Cant talk now, got a demon to face.
-Shawny to Gameknight999

Shawny, or Shawn in the physical world, is a major protagonist and is friends with Gameknight999 and Crafter.


Shawny formerly had a ninja skin with blood, as if he had just killed an enemy. However, in Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, he had a skin that resembled a corgi; one can infer that it is a nod to the popular doge meme.


Shawny is a loyal friend. He is a bit cocky, but loves to have fun. However, he can be serious and commanding, such as when leading an army in Confronting the Dragon. He is confident, and the only battle he has lost so far is the Invasion of the Monsters in Invasion of the Overworld (and one could argue that the battle was not lost). Shawny also helps set traps when his friends are battling, and helps Gameknight by leaving items in chests for him, since Shawny cannot show himself to villagers. It has been stated many times that he is Gameknight's best strategist.


Invasion of the Overworld

He comes to help Crafter and Gameknight defeat Erebus by blowing him up with TNT.

Confronting the Dragon

He spawns in The End with the users and commands them to attack Erebus's army.

Trouble in Zombie-Town

Gameknight calls Shawny and asks him to help him in Minecraft while he collects Jenny from the game. Shawny states that he is crazy, but comes over to his house. He tells Tommy to use the Gateway Of Light, while he will be using his Minecraft account to set traps for the mobs on Crafter's Server. Soon after he joins Gameknight's sever to fight Herobrine only to be destroyed. But, he feels no pain, as he is playing the game, and is not actually in it.

The Jungle Temple Oracle

He chatted with Gameknight using his computer. Later on, Shawny constantly filled chests with items that Gameknight needed, such as the boats when the Villager Army needed to escape The Oracle's jungle.

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

Shawny brought the users to help fight the Last Battle against Herobrine. He also showed Monet and Digger how to build traps around the village to keep the monsters out.

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Shawny brought the user army to The Nether to, once again, combat the monsters and Herobrine. In this battle, Herobrine was finally destroyed.


  • Shawny's possible real life equivalent could be Gameknight's friend Shanwy2004.
  • Shawny is Gameknight's only friend in the physical world.
  • Shawny was Gameknight999's only friend that was kept during Gameknight's griefing days.