Snowbrin is a light-crafter from Overworld In Flames. As his name suggests, he works on snow. He helped Gameknight999 kill blazes that was trying to destroy a taiga biome. He later helped in the battle with Charybdis by spawning Snow Golems. He ended up getting killed by Charybdis.


Overworld In Flames

Snowbrin helped Gameknight in the battle by spawning Snow Golems to fend off the Blazes, but he was killed by Charybdis.


  • Someone was killed throwing snowballs at blazes in the beginning of the book. If he and Snowbrin were the same person, then Snowbrin may have respawned after the battle with Charybdis.
  • He can create snow sheets to ice skate on, allowing him to go quickly.

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