Spiders are giant, 8-legged monsters of Minecraft. They have fangs, claws, and eight glowing red eyes.

Habitat Edit

Spiders generally live in nests, which are inside of caves. Their eggs are kept inside of cobwebs in the nests, and look like spider and cave spider spawn eggs.

Diet Edit

Spiders like to feed off of the moss on mossy cobblestone. It replenishes both hunger and HP. Herobrine put moss in dungeons so that spiders would go there and frighten the users.

Society Edit

Sisters Edit

The Sisters are the female spiders. Usually, they are the fighters. The spiders' monarch is always a sister and therefore a queen.

Brothers Edit

The Brothers are the male spiders. They are smaller than their female counterparts, and are blue. Their job is to gather moss for the hatchlings. They are Cave Spiders.

Naming Process Edit

Spiders' names usually start with an "s" or "sh". However, their prolonged unintentional emphasis of the "s" sound makes it hard to say each other's names.

Notable Spiders (ranked by importance) Edit

Monsters ZombieSkeletonSpiderCreeperWitchEndermanGuardianBlazeGhastWitherEnder Dragon
Other UserNPCWolf

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