Stonecutter is an NPC who wields an iron pickaxe. His village was destroyed because he built a wall that he believed could withstand any danger. He even convinced his Crafter that no further protection was needed, as his wall was indestructible, whether the enemy be creepers or blazes. However, several creepers were enough to destroy the wall, and by the time Stonecutter got to his village, his family and friends were killed. When he heard Crafter's call he came. He vowed to protect Gameknight999 and the NPCs. He sacrificed himself to save Gameknight, and Herobrine destroyed him, absorbing Stonecutter's XP. But, later, Stonecutter took control of Herobrine's body, and forced the virus to destroy a pig. This led to Herobrine transforming into a pig, but it also led to Stonecutter's permanent death.

Death and Legacy

Stonecutter died when Herobrine destroyed him, but then Stonecutter took control of Herobrine's body, Gameknight told him to destroy the pig. Stonecutter obeyed, but when he destroyed the pig Herobrine took over again. Destroying him, but the XP from the pig Stonecutter destroyed went into Herobrine, and thus turned Herobrine into the lowliest creature; a pig. But with this sacrifice, Stonecutter has finally saved everyone.


Stonecutter had a Woodcutter friend, who died when Stonecutter's village was attacked and destroyed. He told Stonecutter about his family, and how they were destroyed by Malacoda's forces.