Terrors of the Forest
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator None
Publication date March 14th, 2017
Published by Unknown
ISBN Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Herobrine's War
Followed by
Monsters in the Mist

If you look on Amazon, you can probably figure out who it is.

This book is about Modded Minecraft, with the addition of a new villain, Entity303. This is the first book in the Mystery of Entity303 series.


Gameknight999 reenters Minecraft to find it completely changed. There are new monsters that he’s never seen before: giants and skeleton druids and pinch beetles and king spiders and direwolves, not to mention the bosses. Villages are larger than ever, and more heavily fortified; Minecraft had become much more dangerous. Even the very trees had changed, with some of them reaching up taller than the User-that-is-not-a-user ever thought was imaginable.

But with the sudden appearance of another user in Minecraft, with Gameknight’s friend, Weaver, held as a prisoner. Gameknight999 knew something was wrong. This new villain, Entity303, captured and pulled Weaver out of the past and into the present, causing the entire world of Minecraft to change. The new mods added by Entity303 are now tearing apart the land, threatening to destroy the very fabric of Minecraft, and the only way things can be repaired is to save Weaver from the clutches of the vile user.

The User-that-is-not-a-user must follow the trail of his enemy into a strange portal on the ground, ringed by flowers, if he hopes to save Weaver and repair the damage done to Minecraft. But when Gameknight999 and his friends jump through the sparkling purple, they are confronted by a forest filled with terrible monsters, and a danger waiting for them that will turn their blood to ice, and cost the life of one of his companions. Can Gameknight stop Entity303 and save Weaver before all of Minecraft shatters into a million pieces, destroying all life, forever.