The Bones of Doom
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator None
Publication date November 7, 2017
Published by Unknown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Zombies Attack!
Followed by
Into the Spiders' Lair

The Bones of Doom is an upcoming book in The Rise of the Warlords series by Mark Cheverton.

Synopsis Edit

After the fall of the zombies, the balance of power between the monsters of the Far Lands of Minecraft is disrupted. The skeleton warlord Rakar grows stronger, and his skeleton army is leaving a terrible path of destruction in their wake. Watcher and his friends, determined to stop the violence, realize the warlord’s power lives in the magical Fossil Bow of Destruction. The mysterious weapon is locked away in the skeletons’ subterranean kingdom, but unless the bow is stolen, all of the Far Lands could be destroyed forever!

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