Not to be confused with the event: Great Zombie Invasion.

"Think about the now instead of the what if."


This page contains spoilers from any Gameknight999 book, read at your own risk!

The Great Zombie Invasion
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator None
Publication date Sep. 6, 2016
ISBN 978-1510709942
Publication Order
Preceded by
regular timeline: Battle with the Wither King

Time loop timeline: The Virus

Followed by
Attack of the Shadow-Crafters


''A freak thunderstorm strikes just as Gameknight999 is activating his father’s digitizer to re-enter Minecraft. Sparks flash across his vision as he is sucked into the game… and when the smoke clears he’s arrived safely. But it doesn’t take long to realize that things in the Overworld are very different. Gameknight sees the same blocky terrain and square clouds as usual, but almost everything else has changed. His friends are nowhere to be found. His castle has disappeared and the village he calls home is missing its defenses and fortified wall. Even stranger, no one seems to know who he is. The User-that-is-not-a-user realizes he’s been accidentally sent a hundred years into the past, back to the time of the historic Great Zombie Invasion. None of his friends have even been born yet. But that might be the least of Gameknight999’s worries, because travelling back in time also means that the evil virus Herobrine, the scourge of Minecraft, is still alive and trying to annihilate the NPCs. Can the User-that-is-not-a-user help the villagers to defend themselves against this destructive tide or will he too become a victim to Herobrine’s rage.''


  • This creates a time loop meaninig this takes place in 2 times
    • the 2 spots are after the battle with the wither king because it is shown in the beginning that it happens after system overload but it also takes place before invasion of the overworld because of the time travel, the reason that it is a time loop is that in overworld in flames oxus says that gameknight spoke to him over a thousand years ago however that gameknight has no memory of that because it was a gameknight from the future that went back in time therefor meaning past gameknight would have no memory and the same events would happen over and over and over again.