The Oracle is an antivirus, and she is the oldest being in Minecraft. She has created things, such as wolves, to hunt her nemesis, Herobrine. She is also able to send lightning to strike objects, undoing the work of the Shadow Crafters.

The Jungle Temple Oracle

The Oracle lived in a jungle temple. Gameknight999, and the villagers went to a stronghold to find where she lived. When they did, they went to the jungle temple, and were met with a question ("What are the colors of Superman's cape?"). This was designed to make it so only the User-that-is-not-a-user could enter, and regular NPCs and monsters could not. Monet113 knew the correct answer, yet Gameknight999 did not. They reached the Oracle's cavern and spoke with her, where she gave Gameknight a weapon (a pig spawn egg) which she said would help him defeat Herobrine.

Last Stand on the Ocean Shore

The Oracle's physical body was killed by Herobrine with charged creepers in the beginning of the book, but the Music of Minecraft, her true being, remained.

Attack of the Shadow-Crafters

The Oracle was created by Notch and put into the game, along with the Light Crafters.

Throughout the rest of the series, the Oracle gave Gameknight and the villagers pieces of advice. She used her music to warn them of incoming danger.


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