The Virus
The virus
Author Mark Cheverton
Illustrator Mark Cheverton (Cover Art from Gameknight's server)
Publication date Sometime in 2016
Published by Mark Cheverton
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Invasion of the Overworld

The Virus is a short story on the Gameknight999 website and it shows Herobrine's origins.


Originally, Herobrine was a virus zipping around freely on the Internet. For some reason, he was searching for Minecraft, and soon arrived on Crafter's Server. Suddenly, he was self-aware; Herobrine's software had combined with the server's and unintentionally caused The Awakening. Now, Herobrine wanted to help others, and become part of a community. He ran into a village and met Smithy. Herobrine offered to help the villagers with there jobs, but they refused, stating that it wasn't his job to complete. Herobrine searched for some monsters and modified the code within zombies and skeletons, allowing them to go into the sunlight. He lead some monsters to the village to try and collaborate with the villagers, but the NPCs took it as an attack, and the monsters charged and battle ensewed. Herobrine tried to stop the fighting, but was met by Smithy, who thought Herobrine was evil and attacked him. This filled Herobrine with such rage that he left and sent his anger into the other monsters, causing them all to hate the villagers. Herobrine then cried that if the villagers didn't want peace, he'd give them a war. He then chose his name, Herobrine, and the book ended.