• 3,000,000,000 BGK: The creation of Minecraft (reality: 2009)
  • 3,959 BGK: Mil-Atun spawned
  • 3,000 BGK: The First Monster Order is founded
  • 2,997 BGK: The First Villager-Monster War is started
  • 2,991 BGK:
    • The First Villager-Monster War ends
    • The Order of Atun is founded
    • Several OA members destroy a house in a villager
    • The Griefius is founded, with Herobrine as the leader
  • 2,990
    • The Griefius destroy almost a whole village.
      • Gameknight999 enters Minecraft via a freakstorm.
  • Herobrine kills Lightangel in rage by stabbing her to death.
  • Gameknight allies Darkangel, the leader of the Shadow Guardians.
    • Gameknight kills Mil-Atun
    • Herobrine kills Darkangel. Darkangel Dies in Gameknight's arms, Gameknight vows to avenge him.
      • Alternate Timeline: Gameknight is sent in such a rage his attitude changes, overcome with grief, he destroys the Order of Atun, while Herobrine senses that Gameknight is falling to the dark side, and tricks Gameknight into destroying the Shadow Guardians, Gameknight then becomes Herobrine's assistant.
      • Normal Timeline:Gameknight becomes the new leader of the Shadow Guardians.

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