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Woodcutter (formally Stonecutter)

Gender: Male Race: Villager (NPC) Allies: Gameknight999, Crafter, other villagers and users. Brother:Woodcutter Dad: (I can't remember his name) Mom: (I think she was a Baker) Killed by: skydwellers (possibly Iago) Weapon: Axe.


Early Life

He and his brother always competed for their dad's approval. One day they decide to hold one last competition, which Stonecutter wins. This breaks Woodcutters heart and he runs off. Stonecutter feels bad for trying when he knew that his brother needed to win more than he did, so he runs off. When he returns, he finds that Herobrine had destroyed the village, killing Woodcutter in the process. He takes Woodcutters axe, and his name.

Terrors of the Forest

Woodcutter is in the group that tries to rescue the kiddnapped Weaver.

Monsters in the Mist

He helps the group chase down Entity303. He tells him backstory from when he was a kid, revealing he is Stonecutter. During the escape from Iago, after rescuing Forpech, he is killed in battle. (Possibly purposely causing the roof to collapse so he could hold them off. After being trapped, before being thrown off the island, Gameknight sees Iago throw Woodcutters axe off the island, and hears it shatter upon impact with the ground.


  • Him being Stonecutter was foreshadowed twice in Monsters in the Mist.
  Once being when Crafter commented on how he must feel comfortable with all the trees, and he said that he preferred the shadows of a cave. 
  And also when he shouted his battlecry, "WOODCUTTER"
  • It is possible that he purposely made the roof collapse in the tunnel as to buy the other time, and or so they would try to help him fight off the skydwellers.
  This is hinted as the way he acts right before, and because he was going to stay behind and fight, but Gameknight 'talked him out of it.'